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Hurricane Relief
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The YWAM Juncos campus has experienced a handful of hurricanes over the years, but nothing quite like this. Unfortunately, it’s typical for hurricanes to make landfall near YWAM, given its location in the southeastern coast.  Most of the wooden structures and trailers that make up the base were no force to Hurricane Maria’s 155+ winds.  This storm heavily damaged our base, as you will appreciate from the pictures. 

We were able to move many of our valuables inside one of our strongest cement construction buildings before the hurricane struck.  We lost our kitchen, dining room, five bedrooms, three trailers that served as offices and 7 roofs (from our main classroom & from our 4 houses and 2 trailers that served as bedrooms too).   

We have insurance for some of the structures, but not a full cover.  Right now we are waiting for the insurance company to make the assessment of damages.  They are waiting for the situation to improve in PR, because there is a shortage of fuel, no electricity, no water, etc.  It will take time, but we believe that God’s grace and faithfulness are more than enough to face any challenge.  After the insurance gives us the ok., we will begin to clean all the rubble. 

We are currently in contact with teams that want to help.  We will call them at the right time, when we are ready to begin with repairs of the roofs. 


To those who want to help YWAM Juncos, PR, we just want to let you know that before the hurricane we were already in a transition point & the property was on the market to be sold.  The Lord has confirmed once again, that it is wise for us to sell the property & relocate to a concrete structure, to continue with our Training Center. We believe our national vision will be most successful in a more central and secure area to work from in the years ahead.  This is the 4th hurricane that we have suffered.   Every year we have the same threat because unfortunately this is the reality for the Caribbean. Now, with all the damage received, we need to clean up the debris, and repair the roofs & put the property back in shape to be able to sell it & relocate.

Contact YWAM Juncos

If you would like to volunteer with or bring a group to help, if you have any questions, or would like more information about YWAM relief efforts in Puerto Rico at our Juncos Campus, you can reach us in the following ways:

Call us through WhatsApp at: (1)787-413-6366 or (1)787-504-2471.

Send an email to:

yarleynn@gmail.com, jucum_pr@hotmail.com, or by using the email button below.