Montego Bay - Jamaica

Our Campus

Our mission statement is: “Mobilizing, Training and Sending to the youth, the poor and needy, and to the unreached peoples of the earth.”  What this means is that our heart is to connect others with what God is doing locally and internationally through:

-serving the local church (Mobilizing)

-offering training and equipping opportunities on our campus (Training)

-facilitating both local and overseas outreach opportunities through sending and hosting teams, with excellence (Sending).

            Our prayer room on campus, and our partnership with Jamaica House of Prayer, reflect the heart of our ministry to become a place of God’s presence. We believe that it is only through becoming a place of His presence and walking in healthy community that we can fulfill our calling reflected in our mission statement.


The heart of our Discipleship Training School is to see persons developing strong character, deep intimacy with the Lord, and a passion to serve those who have not heard the gospel. As such, we have two main areas of focus in our schools: Worship & Intercession, and The Unreached.

Our Passion& Pursuit DTS is done in partnership with our Jamaica House of Prayer, and has a strong focus on prayer, intercession, and worship. Most of our DTS outreaches have at least one team focused on going to a region in, or around the 10/40 window, where the majority of unreached peoples groups on earth may be found. When we have multiple teams, we try to keep one team within the Caribbean to strengthen and refresh our region as well.

Training Schedule

Our DTS schedule for 2017 
Our next DTS is the Passion & Pursuit DTS:
September 18, 2017 through February 17, 2018


To learn more about YWAM Montego Bay, visit our website, send us an email, or call us at: 1876.863.7902