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Hurricane Relief
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Hurricane Maria tore through St.Croix as a Category 5 hurricane. The YWAM base sustained damage that includes losing the dining room roof, the bathhouse and cabins damaged by the roof falling on them, a housing trailer flipped over, flooding in the main building and office, and many many trees down.


Thankfully all housing where staff live are OK! Our island was devastated by the storm. Many lost their roof or even their entire houses. The estimated time for electricity to be fully restored in 6 months+ and at the moment there is no public water. The island is still in survival mode, with people just trying to get basics like food, water, and medical treatment. Aid is slowly trickling in, with ports slowly bringing in ships of supplies for the stores, and the airport finally opened October 5th!


On the base the staff have been working to clear debris since the storm. There is so much that barely a dent has been made. They have also been working with another church to help get cooked meals to two senior communities as well as some to a housing project we work with. In the coming months we are going to need skilled builders and manual labor to assist both on the base in on our community.


Volunteers can contact us at personnel@ywamstcroix.org for more information or to offer their assistance. More detailed information can be found on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/YWAMSTX/


Insurance will help to cover much of the major structural damage. However there is also much that will not be covered inside, as well as equipment like chainsaws and generators, not to mention getting the supplies down to St.Croix. We are raising money for two different purposes.


1. For the YWAM base itself. For the needs listed above.

2. For others in our community. We are already working on how we can help in the relief efforts to our community.


If you would like to give immediate help, you can donate online. All donations are tax-deductible. When you donate please specify where you want the funds to go.


1. Donation for the base

2. Donation for the relief efforts

3. Donation to be used however needed.


Thank You for supporting YWAM and our community! We will update as possible.

Contact YWAM Saint Croix

If you would like to volunteer or bring a group to help, if you have any questions, or would like more information about YWAM relief efforts in Saint Croix, you can reach us in the following way:

Send an email to: personnel@ywamstcroix.org, or by using the email button below.